Industrial Automation – Baggage Handling Conveyor Systems Design


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Having operated in Industrial Automation for over 10 years, Techniche is well positioned to assist with any size or scale of Operational Technology Project. In 2015 Techniche were appointed as a main supplier for a large Systems Integrator who specialise in Airport Baggage Handling Systems.

For 4 years Techniche have successfully supported this design house with specialist personnel for variety of niche projects that have had unique needs.

To date we have had 42 Contract Personnel working on assignment and also secured over 15 permanent staff engineers.

Challenges have included high volume, highly experienced engineers that have experience with specific PLC & SCADA software such as STL, TIA portal, S7-400, HF (High Availability, Failsafe) as well as complex Mechanical, Electrical & High Level Software Engineering requirements.

Outside of the core engineering skill sets, Techniche have also supported the engineering project team with further support skills such as Project Management, Administration & Finance.

Our partnership approach and detailed liaison with the Integrator has been pivotal to the success in supply personnel and meeting project milestones. Our relationship has been key, sharing market knowledge and working in a proactive fashion putting the brand and needs of our client to the forefront of the recruitment market.

The support of these projects continues and our presence in this sector is ever increasing as we strive to meet challenging demands. If you have a future or current project that has similar skill sets or similar challenges, then please contact either Matthew Hind or Daniel Polhill who have led this project.