Plastic Injection Moulding Toolmaker appointed at a Middlesex Manufacturing facility - December 2019


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Our manufacturing client is investing in their toolroom with new equipment, upgrading their system, process and of course people. We took on the requirement for a Toolmaker which is always challenging as our usual (electronic) way of engaging with candidates are not as effective for this skills-set.

The most effective way of engaging with Toolmakers is through referrals and headhunting Toolmakers who work within local engineering firms that deal with Plastic Injection Moulding.

We managed to supply our client with a shortlist of suitable Toolmakers and one of which worked at one of their suppliers, so they knew their tooling well.

This chap interviewed but came a close 2nd place to another candidate, we kept the candidate informed throughout the process and informed him of the decision once rejected.

Although the decision was not desired, the candidate experience was a pleasant one and was left with a good feeling about the interviewing company, us an agency and how the process was handled.

A few weeks later our client approached us to add to their tooling team and asked if our candidate was still available and interested, fortunately we had concluded the process in a professional way so it was easy to engage with him again. Another meeting/ interview took place before a decision was reached to hire him!

Techniche invest a lot of time building relationships with our clients and candidates alike, when situations like this occur it reaffirms to us why it’s so important that all candidates are informed of the decision following all interviews!