Production Technician starting on assignment. Electronics Manufacturing in Essex - February 2020


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Our Essex based electronics Manufacturing business required a number of temps to work during a busy period.

The main challenge for this role apart from the temporary nature of the position, hours & pay is that the facility is based in a location not accessible by public transport and away from residential locations.

We’ve placed a number of temps here with a good level of success utilising referrals, but this latest one was particularly satisfying as we “headhunted” her for the position and from the very initial conversation we could tell she was a very good fit for the culture of the business.

Second very good indicator was her reason to look for a change, having worked extensively in electronics manufacturing and her current company was not utilising her skills, so this presented a very good opportunity for a move to a better challenge and our client to secure her skills.

Finally, technically one of the strongest candidates we have provided for our client with a temp who has soldered & inspected to IPC standard so very technically capable.

Very quick response from our client on her CV submission, interview followed 2 days later and an offer was made the very next day!

The candidate was technically on just 1 week notice but she wanted to give 2 weeks in order to assist in end of month which is always busy for manufacturing companies, this was well received by our client and the candidate was able to leave on very good terms.

We wish you the best of success in your new role and we hope you enjoy learning about the new products!