Quality Manager appointed at a large scale manufacturing business in Essex - January 2019


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Our family run Manufacturing business were seeking a Quality Manager to join their team in Essex and this was to strengthen their capabilities in terms of Quality Assurance.

We managed to generate a good level of interest for this position from candidates with extensive background in manufacturing from FMCG, Electronics, Bespoke furniture, CNC Machining, Aerospace & Automotive. The candidate who was eventually successful came from a completely different industry to what our client is operating in!

Main reason this candidate was successful is because she demonstrated to have all the transferable skills and more required for the job. Although there will be some time invested in terms of understanding the Industry, Products and Processes, these are elements that she would be able to pick up very quickly and in time be able to bring much more value to the position.

The decision to appoint someone from another industry also presented an opportunity to bring new ways of thinking and working so fresh ideas on how they are able to manage their Quality Assurance activities.

We are very pleased at the level of engagement we had with our candidate; this was a big move for her to move away from the industry in which she had built around 6 years’ experience. Our client was also extremely supportive in terms of answering all the questions we and the candidate had to ask.

All the calls conducted outside of normal working hours were much appreciated!

We at Techniche are strong advocates of engaging and working with client and candidates across a wide range of industries and this is the perfect example of which illustrates that the most important requirement to any job is if the candidates posses the transferable skills regardless of industry and of course a good culture fit for the business/ team.